Welcome to the Desert Harmony Festival Blog…

The Desert Harmony Festival is a 10 day multi-arts celebration that showcases the distinctive arts and culture of the Barkly region – Indigenous and non-Indigenous, traditional and contemporary.

Come and join us! The official festival dates are Friday 26 August to Sunday 4 September, but we’ve snuck in a few satellite events: the best Australian short films on Saturday 20 August, and Oz Opera’s La traviata on Tuesday 23 August.

Every year, as spring arrives, the festival celebrates the dynamic community strengths of Tennant Creek and surrounding communities. Audiences of over 2000 people enjoy the performances, exhibitions, artists’ marketplace, dance, music, literature…

With a fantastic variety of mostly free events, the Desert Harmony Festival offers the best artistic and cultural experiences to the community and its visitors.

Many local organisations participate: schools, emergency services, childcare and aged care facilities, health agencies, local businesses, musicians, dancers, visual artists and artisans who live and work in the district. Each bring their interests to the Desert Harmony Festival, leading to connections, reflection, dynamic exchange, spontaneity and fun!


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