Power & Water Desert Harmony Street Parade

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So many local businesses, organisations and individuals took part in the Power and Water Desert Harmony Street Parade! This is the event that traditionally signals the start of the annual Desert Harmony Festival, and joining in this year were: Power and Water Corporation, the Tennant Creek Fire Brigade, Julalikari Night Patrol, Tennant Creek Women’s Refuge, the Barkly College contingent – the high school drummers and the colourful primary school float, St John Ambulance volunteers and cadets, Kelly’s Ranch riding school, Anyinginyi Health, the residents and staff of Pulkapulkka Kari, Dion Beasley and Joie and Tony, the Clontarf Foundation, students and staff of Elliott School, Anne Wilson, the Alpurrurulam bat, Winky the bus, a dog or three perhaps…

To everyone who participated and to those of you who lined the street in your deck chairs and cheered the Festival floaters on – thank you!

Barkly Regional Arts would also like to thank: Festival volunteers Carmel Edwards, Meg McGrath and Ziggy Santos for their help on the day; T&J Contractors and Little Rippers for vehicle loans; Barkly Shire Council for road closures; our Youth Arts Manager Emma Newman for her enthusiasm, lantern initiative and excellent organising in the lead-up; and our fabulous on-staff photographer Sandy Edwards (whose credit for most of the photographs on this blog you might not have spotted in the side bar!)

We’re also extremely grateful to the Power and Water Corporation for its generous financial support of this year’s parade.


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