Barkly Area Music Festival (BAMFest)

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A showcase of performers and artist who have recorded or worked with the music centre over the past year. Featuring: guitar legend Barry Benning, a Battle of the Bands between the Alpurrurlam Band and the Ali Curung Band; Tennant Creek’s own Winanjjikari Allstars, as well as Barkly phenomenon the Tableland Drifters. Visiting acts, the Sandridge Band from Borroolola who were recording with us at the time working on WADOP (Winanjjikari Artist Development Outreach Program), headliners the Iwantja Band from the north of South Australia recorded their Deadly Award winning album Palya at the Winanjjikari Studios. The other highlights of the BAMFest were Warren H Williams with his allstar bands and Shellie Morris playing a beautiful solo performance; they had both recorded at Winanjjikari Music Centre over the past year working on The Songpeople Sessions. Around 600 people were in attendance and the night was amazing.


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